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In the meantime, the servthe roasted clay pot chicken, which Granville Street and — ers will bring you a complimentary arrives at the table succulent and Cambie Road, Richmond , bowl of chicken broth, and seaweed infused with flavour from its bed of Granville Street assistant manager salad to tide you over.

However, it tic comfort food. The layer of rice pot cooking: The neutral flavour of the on the gas range. The purpose with braised beef tongue, are ideal for a wintry day.

To celebrate, the Cactus Club Cafe home use. Fully Licensed Open 7 days a week 5pm-1am Victoria Drive www. Okanagan - Keremeos www. Part of the regular routine in my world is attending and participating in wine events around town, and February is generally when things really start to pick up again.

In the mood for triguing seminar dubbed Mod Oz. Liquor education director for Wine Australia, Stores to see why wine geeks around and B.

But for now, pop over to vanwinefest. See page 22 for Dine Out listings. Va o ss ch Wineries A Naramata Ben. It was not just about performing anymore; it was about, Who is the audience today?

Our idea was always to move together with people. You can see people are hungry to hear your heartbeat. Landa describes the sea-themed work as a The approach has paid off.

COM a beer and change your view; you Maria Kong bases a lot of its experimentation piece of art? Landa says the group might be missing something.

We do move effects in its work Open Source. Yes, we argue in order to find the solution In the end, Landa says with a laugh, the best adbased gaga movement its legendary founder, and we know each other so well.

Bringing such a big group halfway around the it. But perhaps its biggest influence on the found- world is no easy matter, of course.

Movement knows no borders, set they developed. She and her team are bringing 14 of sional place you can be. Landa, whose own parents hail from Chutzpah Festival.

So unglue your hand from the remote control, pull on your Hunter boots, and check out one of the diverse events listed below.

February 8 at various venues The cutting-edge, interdisciplinary feast continues, with some of its best shows left till last.

Think lantern-making, dragon dances, and dumplings for the whole family. This year, the Vancouver International Film Festival also hosts a curated series of films to complement.

Presented by the Chan Centre This acclaimed documentary film tells the stories of groundbreaking female jazz instrumentalists since the late 20s.

At The Cinematheque, Howe St. February 12 at the Granville Island chutzpahfestival. Here is a small at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Swing by the Roundhouse for a visualarts exhibition, contemporary dance, and a play called Salt Baby, about looking white but having First Nations ancestry.

Presented by the Chan Centre Join the award winning author of The Confabulist and his magical guest for an evening of intrigue and illusion.

Craft beers brewed in-house. Hastings, ; W. For more locations, see www. Broadway, ; Hornby, Created and performed by Alon Nashman.

A rising star, Rada, backed by a seven-piece band, has fun with her own blend of ska, dance beats, jazz, funk and soul. They also make it clear that, in their honesty, they are sharing relief—from loneliness.

Marklew, who has a six-year-old daughter and a month-old son, explains: But I find that that world is such a bubble. Are you breastfeeding or are you not breastfeeding?

What kind of mother are you? On her blog, tryingtobegood. I continued working on finding funding for the production as my new baby slept on my chest.

She ends up improvising. He smelled fine to me. The love is here. But in being honest, they are reducing their loneliness.

And that includes the people watching. I hope that sharing the isolation that I felt when I had my first kid and I was all by myself allows another woman, who comes to the show and who might be feeling isolated, to take some deep breaths.

But she did that for a while. Her story is about coming to terms with the gap between reality and expectations—and about negotiating the work-family balance.

Comedy, classical music, pop culture and 35 million YouTube hits. Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo are two classically trained musicians who have taken the world by storm with their unique and hilarious theatrical shows.

Ideal for audiences aged 8 to 88! Hone your skills and develop your talent as a performing artist, arts manager, administrator or cultural entrepreneur with this unique degree-completion program.

And in my own opinion, kabuki has developed its own strengths by doing the same thing. Uchida, for example, has graduated from lowly apprentice to valued contributor, with two pieces of her own devising in the new production.

I wanted to express the girls talking, chitchatting. The yearly cycle of planting and harvesting rice continues, as do the winter winds that strafe its hills and beaches.

And it feels like once the curtain opens up, things just flow until the end. But Mystery, the show Kodo is bringing to Vancouver this week, finds new instruments joining the usual drums, subtle theatrical touches enriching the concert format, and a much larger complement of female performers, of whom Uchida is one.

But his fame extends beyond his theatrical expertise: A groundbreaking new production that takes you on a voyage to the extraordinary, to a mystical realm of T H E A T R E ancient creatures, legends and primal taiko music.

It all has veteran actor Nicola Cavendish, who plays the wife, Lilly, thinking hard about those who spend cold nights on the street.

Christopher Hunt and Nicola Cavendish left and right play a couple that finds a vagrant Graham Cuthbertson on the condo balcony. It digs deep into the well-steeped resentments of a marriage.

Familiarity has bred contempt between them, and the strange arrival of the homeless man forces them to confront it.

It all begins with awareness, understanding and real conversations about the disease. D know the story: In it, he plays an in-overhis-head slacker blowhard charged with imparting knowledge to impressionable teenagers.

But what was the real Mr. Dee is his stage surname. While he employed humour in the classroom, a businesslike Dee tells the Straight from his home in Toronto that he kept a tight rein on his students.

He was headlining clubs just eight months into comedy and had a TV special after 18 months—a testament to his hard work more than anything. Although being funny helps a lot, too.

He started jotting down ideas. Three years later, he started thinking about it again. The following year he began pitching the series.

The result is a show that is as good as any ever produced in this country—and better than many on major American networks.

While some of the actors in the ensemble cast play it overly broad, most, including the star, are pitch-perfect.

Miss Saigon, and that was the directive: Michael Eisner, the CEO at the time, was very clear that he wanted the cartoon come to life. So the original production was much more about being literal to the production.

It allows the audience to use their imagination a little more. Still, his scenic design helps: In fact, no largescale project seems to be beyond his skill set.

And it has him thinking back to how different it all was, two decades ago, when Disney set out to stage its first musical—an initiative that was so successful, the company actually has an entire liveshows division these days.

In the richly staged Bullet Catch, Rob Drummond convinces an audience volunteer to take on an almost unthinkable act.

Directed by Rob Drummond and David Overend. Continues until February 7. But pretty good is what Rob Drummond offers in Bullet Catch.

Drummond, who wrote the show and performs it with the help of a lone volunteer, is charismatic, joking easily and wittily with the audience.

And the narrative framework that he has created is sometimes affecting: But when I talked with other audience members after the show, we deconstructed—pretty successfully, I think—two of the major tricks.

The essential mechanics of a third were apparent, even during the performance. Thematically, Drummond explores the notion of free will, which makes for a nice fit with the form of the evening, which is all about the manipulation of perceptual choices.

Drummond simply dismisses free will, which feels simplistic. And the climax of the evening goes flat. Directed by TJ Dawe.

A Firehall Arts Centre production. In this stage version of PostSecret, a surprising number of revelations are about farting, but there are also lots about despair including suicidal thoughts , love, faith, and general quirkiness.

The worthy message in PostSecret: Some of this material is beautiful and some of it is very moving. Often, the longer pieces work best because they develop their stories most fully.

One such passage begins with this post: PostSecret seems to have helped a lot of suicidal folks. The Show offers diminishing returns.

The idea that see next page. After a while, I became wary of potential inauthenticity. We hear about a young woman who comes to the microphone at a Warren event, for instance, confesses to loneliness, and is supposedly amazed by the support she subsequently receives.

At the Vancouver Playhouse on Thursday, January The effect is to demystify,. It was silly but engaging, and served to enhance his flawless display of skill, flipping and catching the boxes, even performing pirouettes while they were aloft.

To an extent, the playful talk. The quiz sequence felt rather long and laboured, but was enlivened when Devin Henderson—with feigned reluctance—found new ways to propel himself to the top of a Chinese pole and ring a bell to mark each correct answer.

Among the artists, Alexandra Royer stood out, for both her airborne acrobatics on the Russian bar—a narrow fibreglass plank carried by two of the men—and her solo performance on a spinning aerial hoop.

It was in no way apparent. During the Korean teeter-board act, while performing awesome twists and somersaults, they rose so high they momentarily disappeared from view.

Resource Centre and Gallery, built on a grassy expanse of land near the mouth of the Fraser River, five display cases have been created to resemble looms.

Their forms evoke the continuous and esteemed tradition of weaving among the Musqueam people. In one of the cases, a tiny, ancient pestle—used to grind medicinal ingredients, perhaps?

Delicately carved in the shape of a heron, it also communicates the deep understanding of the natural world that underlies the beliefs and traditions of the first peoples of this place.

Running simultaneously at the Musqueam Cultural Centre, Museum of Vancouver, and the Museum of Anthropology, this multimedia and multifaceted show addresses not only the ancient landscape and enduring presence of the Musqueam First Nation but also the shifting relationship between western archaeological and museum practices and aboriginal beliefs.

In , members of the Musqueam community maintained a day vigil at a site in the neighbourhood non-Natives know as Marpole. The land was being dug up to make way for a condominium development when work crews unearthed human remains, including those of two babies.

Eventually, following their prolonged, peaceful protest, the Musqueam were able to reclaim this parcel of land by purchasing it from the developer.

Their wish was that the people and things interred at the site should continue to lie there undisturbed. Still, the place has not yet found formal recognition as a monument, park, or resource centre, and the original violation of the burial grounds painfully informs the exhibition.

Organized by scholars and curators of both Musqueam and nonaboriginal descent, the three-part exhibition uses a range of images, media, and materials to tell the story of the city before the city.

These include video and audio installations, text panels, computerized animation, photographs, maps, illustrated timelines, an interactive table on which visitors may puzzle out the uses and histories of certain tools and materials, and a foot-long sturgeon spear, made recently by Musqueam councillor Morgan Guerin.

It is of a kind, he believes, that has not been seen in his community in almost a century. At all three venues, the didactic components are thoughtfully composed and the exhibition design is handsome and effective.

The elements that knit past and present together and that most engage the visitor, however, are the unearthed belongings and the quotes from and interviews with Musqueam elders and other community members.

Thousands of years of history are represented by axe heads and arrowheads, chisels and adzes, harpoon points, blanket pins, and an array of pendants, worked in stone, bone, antler, and shell.

Whatever their social or religious significance may have been no meanings are given in the labels , the pendants draw our interest with their small, deft depictions of birds, fish, faces, and canoe paddles.

Of items such as fishnets, baskets, and blankets, woven out of perishable materials, only a few fragments remain. At the Musqueam Cultural Centre, this gap in the archaeological record is filled by a number of contemporary weavings.

Cultural continuity is expressed by a quote from Musqueam textile artist Debra Sparrow: Musqueam is part of Vancouver and who we all are.

Gruwez appears on a bare stage in a stark, rectangular spotlight. Her gaze remains fixed intently on the people watching her. In the opening moments there is little sound: Gruwez is calm, using stiffened hands the.

Ever so slowly, the sounds build— adding strings along with that constant, David Lynch—ian, windlike roar—and so do the movements. Gruwez finds a weird flow of gestures that seem alien and familiar all at once.

The latter sensation comes from the fact that she has obviously studied the physical language of presidents, dictators, and preachers in obsessive detail, reorganizing the rigid hand movements and wide stances into a language all its own.

By the time the words of the soundtrack start to make sense—the text of the title, drawn from the Swaggart sermon, builds into a kind of drawling chorus that his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis could have turned into a song—they seem to hold heavy, albeit ironic, meaning.

In the final moments, Gruwez, driven by the energy of the audience, takes things to a whole other, trancelike level, shaking and jumping in an almost ecstatic frenzy.

While no one felt like they were saved, exactly, the connection that was built between one artist onstage and her audience helped this stripped-down PuSh Festival find get pretty damn close to rapture.

Presented as part of the PuSh Festival. Jan 28—Feb 1, 8 pm, Studio 16 W. Feb , Russian Hall Campbell. Jan 31, pm, Media Club Cambie.

Feb 1, 4 pm, Centennial Theatre Lonsdale Ave. Feb , The Cultch Venables. To Jan 31, Pacific Theatre W.

Adapted by Charles Mee. Directed by Dennis Gupa. To Jan 31, The Cultch Venables. Jan , Scotiabank Dance Centre Davie.

Feb , Scotiabank Dance Centre Davie. Bach to the present,. Jan 31, 8 pm, Orpheum Annex Seymour.

Feb 5, 8 pm, Rio Theatre E. Among them is one of the hottest new interdisciplinary troupes in town. And at FUSE, which happens Friday night January 30 , you can check out its clever Lang lang uage shown here , a multimedia, interactive installationrecital that explores the surge of piano playing, and piano-playing prodigies, in mainland China.

That show plays again next Thursday night February 5 at 7 p. Expect to hear more from these innovators. Feb 17, 8 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville.

Hosted by Sara Bynoe. Feb 17, pm, Cottage Bistro Main. Followed by a dance party DJed by Sethi. Highlights include soundscapes, original videography, and family-friendly interactivity to Dec To Feb 15, 7: Improv Test Kitchen every Wed, 9: Jan 30, 8 pm; Jan 31, 8 pm; Feb 1, 8: So we love that the latest show at Hot Art Wet City Gallery takes her work shown here out of the party and into a proper exhibit.

She shares the show with Ali Bruce, a Vancouver artist whose swirling, wavy illustrations and prints are treats for the eye. What ties their work together?

Comedy club with pro-am night Tue at 8: Comedy club with amateur night Wed at 8 pm, talent showcase Thu at 8 pm, headliners Fri-Sat at 7 pm and 9: Feb 3, pm, Vancouver FanClub Granville.

Also includes a tribute to Robin Williams and an evening of comedy shorts. Feb , various Vancouver venues.

Includes music by Breakfast Club. A workshop with established spoken word artists will be followed by a poetry slam.

All poetic styles are welcome. To Feb 8, various Vancouver venues. Logic is going for a Mr. Why you need to go: February 8 at the Pacific Coliseum In the spotlight: That kids get in their hair in elementary school, think a ican music industry.

The fol- the Coliseum. Should you have a child who wants to who appreciate karat Americana. After all—barring a freak change in ing, Emery will be presiding over B.

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Begrudge him all you want Lemonade crystals. Do you really need another reason? Friends landed at No. The dark- Works In the spotlight: The continent has given work on crafting mix tapes.

That would of two heavy-music legends. Why you need to getting your groove on? All great bands go through all the Sunday-school dropouts you Have an opinion?

Visit our website to comment on light: Why you go-nowhere acoustic albums while moonlighting Thunderbird Arena rather than the Naam.

Why need to go: And you need to go: Considering how many times Canada by accident. Why you need to spotlight: Along with Macklemore, the simiFox Cabaret In the spotlight: As anyone with more go: William Michael Albert their bedrooms.

Formerly of pioneering punks Genera- the issue of gay rights is a beautiful bonus. The frenetic soul of the Ballantynes alone is guaranteed to pull you out of hibernation.

There were popular hardcore bands during the golden early years of North American punk rock, with Black Flag, D. No less than Henry Rollins has praised the Cro-Mags for their sheer thuggish power.

With four decades of pent-up anticipation, this one is guaranteed to be a powder keg looking for a match. Except, that is, during the much-loved annual Festival.

But unlike Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe, Jared Leto, and Eddie Murphy, the pop-minded glam folkie is arguably better at her hobby than at the discipline that made her famous.

Vogue Theatre In the spotlight: The greenest festival in town once again rolls out a lineup guaranteed to please anyone who dreams of sheepdotted hills and quaint pubs where the Guinness flows in dark rivers.

He had also, however, just picked up an old 8-track recorder and started demoing new tunes for a then under-wraps project called Operators.

A fertile writing period led to a first show at a San Jose punk club, lots of touring, and a recording session in Montreal that yielded the spirited, synth-driven EP1.

Boeckner says with satisfaction of the quick. In a determined drawl, Boeckner sings: Thankfully, there are more uplifting Operators tunes on the way, including a full-length debut and various singles.

And if Johnson is so obsessed with the technology of making music that he has his own line of guitar speakers, Stern is the exact opposite.

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Does that mean a follow-up to Eclectic is in the cards? I wonder what that is? At that point I discovered traditional fiddle and old-time music and bluegrass.

In different configurations the group has put out six albums. The current lineup features Klauder, cofounder Sammy Lind on fiddle, Nadine Landry from Quebec on bass and vocals, and Reeb Willms on guitar and vocals.

A busy and versatile artist, Klauder is currently working in two other outfits in the U. And with the Caleb Klauder Country Band he performs his own songs written in an old-style country vein.

The songs cross those borders, and we like every one of them, and play with all of those musicians— old-time, Cajun, and country-folk.

Today, Schneider has not only settled into a groove with his new timekeeper—tireless powerhouse Andy Lum—but also picked up a bassist in former Blood Brother Cody Votolato.

Since its release, the full-length has led to showcase slots on Spin. I would have been happy for it to have been a local release just to get it out there.

Having Votolato onboard as a full-time member has changed the sound of My Goodness for the better, he suggests, and the band is no longer lumped into the blues-rawk ghetto with dozens of other two-pieces.

Having a bass player is allowing me to do a lot more, especially vocally, because I can be more minimal on guitar. Talk quickly turns to football when the easygoing frontman picks up the phone in the Emerald City, no surprise considering his hometown team is Super Bowl—bound.

Seattle, against impossible odds, promptly mounted one of the greatest late comebacks in the history of the NFL. But those who bailed early never saw it; thousands of defectors attempted to re-enter the stadium only to discover there were no in-and-out privileges.

Featuring Special Guests Each Night: Tink whips her hair back and forth. She whips her hair back and forth. She whips her hair… Rebecca Blissett photo.

Allow me to do my best here, then. Feel like an inadequate bag of failure who pissed away your youth yet? On this night, the club was sparsely populated by infuriatingly young, well-dressed bad bitches, manbun sporters, scenesters, and hip-hop heads ordering porn-star shooters by the dozen.

Close to 1 a. It was time to grind. As she and her DJ exeunted stage left, O. While we did get a happy ending, it might have been a bit premature.

However, Tink will be back soon enough with a full-length album and a lengthy Wikipedia page. Best stock up on Kleenex in the meantime.

Always a packed house! Visionary Sound hosted by Darwin Meyers. Feb , 8 pm, Hindenburg 23 W. Mar 8, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Fortune Sound Club E.

Mar 11, doors 8 pm, show 9: Mar 13, 9 pm, The Imperial Main. Feb 14, pm, Rickshaw Theatre E. All proceeds to benefit the Vancouver Food Bank.

Mar 18, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville. Feb 13, doors 9 pm, Electric Owl Main. Or, at the very least, slightly larger things. Mar 19, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville.

Mar 20, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Rickshaw Theatre E. Mar 28, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Venue Granville. Mar 17, doors 8 pm, show 9: The Georgia Straight Confessions, an outlet for submitting revelations about your private lives—or for the voyeurs among us who want to read what other people have disclosed.

Vancouver death-metal bands id, Unbeheld, Harvest the Infection, and Baryon. Feb 14, 8 pm, Funky Winker Beans 37 W. Feb 17, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Biltmore Cabaret Prince Edward.

Feb 25, 8 pm, St. James Hall W. Do you think you are better off alone? Magical first date, fell in love fast. Intense five months of intertwined lives.

Me trying to prove that I was an awesome gf. Started to feel taken for granted. Communication was not your strong point however the sweet talk was all you did.

Actions speak louder than words. Then out of nowhere you bailed. Best relationship we both had ever had. I now doubt the love from either of us.

Does lust feel that way? I am waiting for an explanation, an apology but part of me wishes we will never cross paths again. I am not sure why.

The DVD usually has trailers, behind the scenes, and commentary. Does Netflix have all this? I would just like to have the actual physical copy of the movie versus something I can download.

It is old school I know but I prefer it. That is my confession. My boobs looked great. I almost sent it to my ex to show him what he was missing, and then I thought better of it.

Apr 1, 8 pm, The Imperial Main. Apr 6, doors 7 pm, Rio Theatre E. Apr 11, doors 8 pm, Rickshaw Theatre E. RUSH Canadian prog-rock legends celebrate 40 years together.

Jul 17, 8 pm, Rogers Arena Griffiths Way. Tix on sale Feb. Aug 24, doors 5 pm, show 6: Sep 8, 8 pm, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Hamilton.

Sep 10, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Hamilton. Led fees at Red Cat, Zulu Records,and www. Jan 29, 8 pm, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Hamilton.

Apr 16, doors 6 pm, Rio Theatre E. Apr 17, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Electric Owl Main. Apr 17, 6 pm, Rickshaw Theatre E. Apr 18, 8 am, Funky Winker Beans 37 W.

Jan 29, doors 9 pm, Fox Cabaret Main. Jan 29, 9 pm, Fortune Sound Club E. Jan 30, doors 10 pm, show Dine Out Vancouver menu options available.

Jan 30, 7 pm, Vancouver FanClub Granville. Jan 30, 8 pm, Rickshaw Theatre E. Apr 20, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Media Club Cambie.

Apr 20, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Commodore Ballroom Granville. Proceeds go to First Impressions Theatre. May 13, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville.

Jan , 9 pm, Fox Cabaret Main. May 24, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Vogue Theatre Granville. Jun 9, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Orpheum Theatre Smithe.

Jun 15, doors 8 pm, show 9: Jun 25, doors 3: Jan 31, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Electric Owl Main. Dine Out Vancouver menus available.

Jan 31, 7 pm, Vancouver FanClub Granville. Jan 31, pm, At the Waldorf E. Live bands some nights, DJs other nights. Karaoke Mon, classic tunes and free pizza Tue; live painting art raffle Wed.

Proceeds go to the legaldefence fund for Kinder Morgan pipelineexpansion protesters. Feb 1, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, St.

Feb , Fox Cabaret Main. Feb 3, doors 8 pm, show 9 pm, Commodore Ballroom Granville. Feb 4, doors 6: Feb 28, doors 8 pm, The Imperial Main.

Mar 15, doors 6: March 17, doors 8 pm,. The Imperial Main. Apr 4, doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, Rogers Arena Griffiths Way.

May 5, doors 6 pm, show 7 pm, Rogers Arena Griffiths Way. May , 8 pm, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Hamilton. July 17, 7 pm, B. Place Stadium Pacific. Pub fare, cheap beer, and cocktails from 11 am till late.

Dudette Sun, Live Fast! Twenty-four taps of rotating and interesting craft beers. Restaurant and bar located directly underneath the Commodore Ballroom on the Granville strip.

Open Tue-Sat from Open FriSat from 10 pm to 3 am. Gastown sports bar features nine-foot HD screen and DJs on weekend nights.

Open Sun-Thu from Small plates and craft cocktails nightly. Happy hour pm. Open 5 pm till late seven days a week.

Starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. For showtimes, please see page As a struggling immigrant and businessman, his current challenge is twofold: His bigger problem is that he wants to do everything legit, and this brings increasing disdain from his wife, Anna Jessica Chastain , daughter of an oilcompany guy so famously crooked that an ambitious D.

With his sad-deer eyes and creamy, camel-hair coat, Abel has a demeanour and moral problems somewhat parallel to those of Michael Corleone.

But where the Godfather movies took in a sweeping. Ronald Reagan sermons to hockey-playing bears. Chandor who created such complex worlds in MarUsing modern-day interviews and grainy argin Call and All Is Lost has Abel so heavily blinkered chival footage, Polsky opens a fascinating window by moral qualms—he keeps resisting the urge toward onto a long-gone time, when Communists were violence that his competitors push upon him—that genuine bogeymen to North Americans.

One of the character becomes duller as the story progresses. Every- Jimmy Carter to state: Red Army remembers when imported from another movie perhaps that one, or it was more about life.

Sorry, old chap, as Charles Mortdecai might say, but the reeking collection is too perfect a metaphor for this entire movie: Rated The problem is it all runs at an equally retro pace that might have pleased during the predigital 14A.

Think an odd and seemingly The Boys Next Door is an awesome movie. Get of The Boy Next Door? You mean that that would make it sound a lot wittier than it is.

As Jock, a manservof friendship, and the tyranny of Don Cherry. Next thing you L. I have a fucking manservant! What was never made clear, until now, was just Waking up to instant regret, Claire refuses Starring Aleksay Serebryakov.

In Russian, with how much was sacrificed. Everyone worked tryst lying around everywhere. In this parlocked up in training facilities, cut off from their of the corniest climactic showdowns in film ticular movie of the same name—which deservwives, children, and extended families.

Lo, but since you also had the gall to the wrath-packed part of the Bible also offers the tion of the complete Communist system; the produce this shameless turkey, your nickname story of Job as a template for all the bad shit that falls upon one hapless, if far from innocent, soul.

His pretty, increasingly neglected wife, Lilya Elena Lyadova , works at one of the few canneries still open. Preteen son Roma Sergey Pokhodaev admires his dad, even while fearing his macho, melodramatic bullying.

The family has a ramshackle house right in the nicest spot on a fiord leading into town. As in that real-life travesty, ham-fisted officials are here seen in cahoots with Orthodox clergy, who give Putin-esque plutocrats a kindly mask of populism to replace the fake optimism Communists relied upon to exert power.

The stymied Dmitriy moves to Plan B, pulling out dirt on the corpulent mayor to get him to back off.

If this all sounds rather dark, it is. In English and French, with English subtitles. The short, tightly structured documentary came about when Australian drummer Alan Hicks met legendary trumpeter Clark Terry, who is now Then already in his late 80s, the diabetic jazz master began losing his ability to perform, so Hicks—who studied with him at a music school in New Jersey— decided to film the great man, focusing on his lesser-known role as an educator.

Shooting over a period of four years, the neophyte director saw a doting relationship develop between his nurturing mentor, whose sight was gradually failing, and the JewishJapanese Kauflin, blind since age Splendid archival footage highlights career milestones of CT, as everyone calls him, from impoverished origins in St.

Louis, to stints in the Count Basie and Duke Ellington bands, and then work as the first black musician hired by the Tonight Show band.

Shockingly, that was in Occasionally oversweetened with music by Dave Grusin, the movie alternates between footage of Kauflin at home and travelling, eventually with the help of a seeing-eye dog, and Terry and his endlessly caring wife, Gwen, in their beautiful Arkansas home, which Kauflin visits frequently.

The two-hour tale is roughly bifurcated between its lead characters. First day in town, he decides to quit everything—the project, his company, his line of work, and even his family— and just camp out at the airport Hilton while setting his hawkish features to figure out what comes next.

Lawrence adaptation, Lady Chatterley, likewise shot by inventive cinematographer Julien Hirsch. As in that effort, Ferran is concerned with the painful disjuncture between social constraints and the impulses of nature, although here the existentialism turns whimsical.

A long Skype argument with his predictably angry wife Radha Mitchell adds nothing to our understanding. Still, the banality of the first half makes the payoff even more gratifying, when the already birdlike Audrey goes through, shall we say, a sudden.

Open Thu-Sat from 10 pm to 3 am. Live music most nights. Tix for all shows at www. Guess which camp D. Pub-style food, craft beers, live music and dancing.

Performers to be announced. Jul , Pemberton Valley Pemberton, B. Although it was doubtless made with fine intentions and contains consistently strong acting from its star, who also helped produce it, Black or White is very much a movie of the past.

Kevin Costner plays Elliot Anderson, the grandfather of spunky little Eloise charming newcomer Jillian Estell , who lost her teenage mother in childbirth.

Now the girl has lost her principal caregiver—her grandmother—in a car accident. Big-shot corporate lawyer Elliot is confronted by his absentee status when suddenly handed parental duties and responds, as is his habit, by hitting the hooch.

Played by the always-terrific Octavia Spencer, this should be an equivalent role, especially since her Rowena Jeffers is a self-made businesswoman with a lot to offer, including a big, friendly, diversely gendered, highly musical family who all seem to get along.

Strange Magic is an animated feature revolves around a group of enchanted fairies with pointy ears and oversized butterf ly wings.

Led by a feisty warrior queen named Marianne voiced by Evan Rachel Wood , the fairies live on the edge of a dark forest inhabited by cranky swamp creatures.

The crankiest swamp creature of all is the Bog King voiced by Alan Cumming. Marianne dreams of a day when everyone can live in harmony. But a goofy elf named Sunny the voice of Elijah Kelley has other ideas.

When Sunny decides to go into the dark side of the forest to steal the forbidden ingredients for a love potion, he sets off a chain of events that brings about chaos.

To be fair, the animation is topnotch, and one or two characters—like Sunny—are genuinely memorable. On the surface, this may seem like a wise choice.

Why not throw in something familiar for the grandparents when they take the kids to the movies? After all, the songs are going to seem brand-new to the core audience of preteens.

Such reasoning may work in theory. But ask yourself this: But they live on the wrong side of L. But if they actually want something, look out!

In French, with English subtitles. And a case involving a homeless alcoholic takes a fateful turn when Benjamin fails—through no true fault of his own—to do a full diagnostic.

His most crucial coming-of-age experience is with a fellow intern whose self-reliance and calming bedside manner come naturally; Abdel Reda Kateb was already an experienced doctor in his native Algeria and now must start over in the French system—one with high standards but increasingly strained resources.

Abdel seems the soul of reason, but when Benjamin carelessly dumps some trouble on him, the two men begin punishing each other. This astutely judged film has minimal music and some of the fly-on-the-wall detachment of a Frederick Wiseman documentary except for a single melodramatic development near the end.

The film takes us to grungy places that outsiders rarely see and is full of inside stuff—including the running joke that everyone on staff is addicted to reruns of House.

Sponge Out of Water prize packs, which include: Polsky spent his first 10 days conducting interviews with former stars like Hall of Fame goalie Vladislav Tretiak, all the while leaving messages for Fetisov that went unreturned.

When he finally got a call back, the iconic defenceman agreed to a brief meeting. More than a sport, hockey was a political statement at a time when the Cold War was still being waged—a way for Russia to promote its superiority on the world stage.

Because of his background, Polsky was in a better position than most to understand his subject. For a start, the Chicago-born filmmaker grew up playing hockey, eventually making the team at Yale University.

Learn, discuss and share ideas and experience to enrich parenting skills. Preselected art or play materials available for children of all ages.

Kidstime-Parentime provides quality time for families, networking for parents and a social opportunity for both parents and children.

The last Wednesday of the month a potluck lunch is held at AA meets at 7 p. Shell Lake Public Library. A time for stories, craft and a snack.

No age minimum or maximum for participants. Volunteers will be on hand to assist the public. Please call or with any questions.

Appointments can be made at Domestic abuse and sexual assault are crimes. Time-Out provides free, confidential victim support. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence in a relationship, please call He also serves the Shell Lake congregation.

The celebration begins Saturday with registrations at 11 a. With weather permitting, Sunday, Aug.

Brief history of Sarona United Methodist Church In , early settlers held worship in a one-room schoolhouse with pastors coming from Rice Lake by train.

A meeting was held to organize a Methodist Episcopal Church. The official dedication of the church was Feb. The first group of church women was formed and called the Ladies Aid.

Around , the church was joined with the Spooner circuit for a few years. In , two kerosene lamps and four gasoline lamps were installed for lighting.

In , the church was returned to the Shell Lake and South Dewey circuit. The first light bill was 67 cents. The financial situation was grave so the pastor was asked to have only one.

In , the Sarona Methodist Church again became part of the Spooner circuit. During the s, stained-glass windows were installed, a new wood furnace was purchased and a new front entry with stairs to the basement was completed and a new wood shed was also built.

In , pews were purchased at an auction at St. They were refinished by church members and are still used in the sanctuary today.

In , the basement and kitchen were remodeled, painted and carpeted. When completed, the area was renamed the fellowship hall.

In , two new gas furnaces were installed in a new concrete block furnace room with a fire-resistant door. In , a new side entry door was installed which made the church handicapped accessible with the addition of a deck and ramp.

In , after nearly 95 years without indoor plumbing in the church, the old outhouse was retired and a rest room and running water were finished.

The last two years have seen a lot of improvements which have included: Throughout the years, the church has held many dinners, ski-a-thons, ticket sales and rummage sales to earn money for improvements.

They have also been blessed by donations from many members, friends and neighbors. We like to think we are the small church with a big heart.

Town and Country Days is expanded this year to include a truck pull on the clay track by Tiptown on Monday, Sept.

Registration begins at 10 a. Miss Shell Lake will be crowned Saturday, Sept. Theatre in the Woods sponsors this event that begins at 7: For reservations call There will be kids games at the Shell Lake beach shelter house on Friday, Sept.

Lamperts will sponsor a bouncy house at the pavilion area on Saturday and Sunday. Serving will be from 7: Registration opens at 7 a.

New this year is a tennis tournament on Saturday at TipTown tennis courts. Other tournaments on Saturday are Smear and Cribbage, co-. The Dairyland garden tractor pull gets under way at the clay track by TipTown at 11 a.

Registration is at 10 a. The Shell Lake Public Library will have a book sale from 9 a. Activities for children on Saturday are the yard dash fastest kid race at 11 a.

Family Bingo is from p. Ongoing events for Saturday and Sunday are the craft fair and flea market at the pavilion grounds from 9 a. Saturday and from p.

The Glenview Golden Rocker Challenge silent auction at the community center runs from 9 a. Highlighted events for Sunday begin with 6: The car and bike show on Main Street from p.

A sailboat figurine will be hidden for the. The first clue will be published in the Aug. A variety of food booths will be open throughout the days of celebration.

For last-minute updates, click on www. The purchase of a Town and Country Days button will automatically get your name into the prize drawing. By the end of the third quarter with a lead they assured the fans, but more important they proved to themselves, that they were just as good.

Bruce was a team that came into Shell Lake thinking they had a chance for a victory against a young and inexperienced team. They were able to move the ball up and down the field but they were not able to score against the Laker defense.

The first quarter ended in as neither team could move the ball across the goal line. That changed in the second quarter.

With fourth and two, BJ Burton went wide but cut back up the center for a yard run and the first touchdown of the game.

A bad snap on the extra-point try made it a lead. On the ensuing Bruce series, Caleb Parker, playing on the special team unit, stripped the ball.

With fourth and goal on the 3-yard line, AJ Denotter took it in for the touchdown, he added two more on the 2-point conversion. With Bruce driving late in the second quarter, Sam Livingston intercepted and was driven out on the 4-yard line.

A holding penalty on the next play moved the ball back to the yard line. Denotter took the ball back down to the 1-yard line on a yard run. Jesse Gronning went over for the touchdown and another bad snap made it Bruce drove down the field on a drive that ended on the yard line with a Burton interception.

Starting out the second half, Bruce came out passing and moving the ball down to the yard line where they gave the ball up with a Denotter interception, the fourth interception for Shell Lake and the fifth turnover of the game.

Moving the ball down the field, Shell Lake was on the goal line when Parker took it in on a quarterback sneak.

The third quarter ended as Shell Lake. The Cardinals are coming off a win over Birchwood and this has the makings of being the game of the season.

Both teams will need this. This will be their last year in the conference as Luck has plans to go to eight-man football for the season.

Coach Katrina Granzin, with her daughter Brooke, is in her second year as coach of the high school and middle school cross-country program.

Nearly years ago, the St. The centerpiece of the Wild Rice Festival is a three-day traditional powwow. Powwow grand entries will be held at 7 p.

The 38th-annual Wild Rice Festival at St. She is shown with the male winner, Collin Kytla, Negaunee, Mich. Jensen competed in the mile Soft Rock point-to-point mountain bike race, which starts in Negaunee, Mich.

Her time was 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 20 seconds — eight minutes faster than her time last year. Jensen finished seventh overall, out of female racers, and first in the age category.

Jensen had a great race, despite it almost coming to an end a couple of miles from the finish.

Just after entering a gravel path, her bike started making a clunking noise from the rear wheel.

Considering where she was, and how well she was doing, she pressed on and finished. After the race, she found a 2-inch nail stuck in her rear tire.

Luckily, the sealant she uses prevented it from going flat. It was also a good day for other members of Team Geargrinder.

The Pioneer Surgical Technology Cup is awarded to the fastest male and female racers age 15 and under in the Soft Rock race. Their names are engraved on the cup, and it is displayed at the local chamber office in Marquette.

The racers also receive a small version of the cup to take home. Running back AJ Denotter with a yard run that helped set up a Laker touchdown in the end of the first half.

After a slow start Shell Lake had three touchdowns in the second quarter. High School Football Friday, Aug. At Luck, 7 p.

JV at Siren, 5 p. At Birchwood, 1 p. JV at Frederic, 5 p. At Whitehall, 7 p. At Turtle Lake, 7 p. Turtle Lake, 5 p.

Playoffs Level 1, 7 p. High School Volleyball Thursday, Aug. At Spooner, 8 a. At Prairie Farm, 7: JV triangular 6 p. At Clear Lake, 7: At Turtle Lake, 7: At Amery, 9 a.

Shell Lake Invitational, 9: At Barron HS, 4: At Ladysmith HS, 4: Conference meet at Cameron, 4 p. Playing safety on defense, Caleb Parker pulls wide receiver Garrett Krug down after short yardage.

Janet Jenkins 99 Low net: Loie Wollum, Mary Harrington, L. Roberts 72 Low putts: Janet Bergh Low net: Lil Bartholomew Low net: Milda Brainerd 76 Low putts: Lil Bartholomew 34 Birdies: Sheila Bergren 53 Low net: Midge Kincaid 34 Low putts: Pat Hellzen 17 Chip-in: Holly Herland 37 Low putts: Carol McDonnell 16 Chip-in: Carrol Hennekens 61 Low net: Mary Ann Carlson 34 Low putts: It takes teamwork to stop Jesse Gronning as he barrels through the line.

He had two touchdowns for the game and two extra points. After two weeks off, one a rain-out and the other an outside tournament, the ladies were back for a league tournament at the Spooner Golf Course.

Danya Case 34 First gross: Carol Heim 48 First putts: Mary Lou Barneson 16 9-hole Division 2 First net: Cheryl Duden 33 First gross: Judy Cameron 51 First putts: Merrelyn Dawson 15 hole Division 1 First net: Nancy Markgren 66 First gross: Mary Ann Solie 88 First putts: Wendy Vinsant 28 hole Division 2 First net: Nancy Schaub 70 First gross: Shirley Gallop First putts: Marge Halberg 32 Chip-ins: Heather Wiesner and Bryan Vilstrup are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming wedding on Oct.

Heather is a graduate of UW-Stout and is currently employed by the Grantsburg School District as a kindergarten teacher. He will be starting school this fall at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

He will be missed by Ethan, Jasper, Hope and Alexis. In the front row are Shawn, Ethan, Sam and Emily. The football cheerleaders have been working this summer to get ready for their debut, but their new uniforms did not arrive in time, so they made their own uniforms for the first game.

They are coached by Sara Gothblad and will be at every game building school spirit and energizing the fans. Earning recognition for their market steers are back row L to R: Katie Crosby and Dani Kuechle.

It was a good year for the Crosby family as Katie took home the grand champion and Tyler the reserve champion steer.

Dominic Hopke poses with Jared Kidder, the buyer of his market hog. To show their appreciation for their purchase, the seller rewards the buyer with a personal gift.

Receiving top honors in the market hog category were L to R: Morris took home the grand champion and Kidder had the reserve champion.

The Shell Lake State Bank was the buyer for the reserve champion market steer. Posing for the photo are Tyler Crosby and Linda Okonek.

The newspaper office will be closed Labor Day, Monday, Sept. The graduating seniors were recognized for their service to the show and sale organization.

She had originally heard about ghost walks held on Halloween in other cities. Olsen decided wisely that instead of walking the uneven ground of a cemetery, she would write the play and have it performed in one spot.

Since they were the ones who sponsored the evening, he gave them credit, while using his sidekick stick horse as a puppet.

Several of the actors, Barb Anderson, Nancy Rich and Rod Ripley, were veterans of all the plays, and four were new to the cast. As each character told their story, the past revealed how the names we take for granted today had their past deeply etched in history.

Washburn, for instance, had been a major general during the Civil War and later became the governor of the state, so he can be credited for the county being called Washburn.

Antholz, and Frank Hammill. There were teachers represented as well as town characters. Another performance is already being planned for next year, same time, same location.

Corn is a growing and those soybeans are right beside it. Fall is only 30 days away now. A very happy anniversary to Darrell and Billie Aderman on their 60th wedding anniversary on Aug.

Have a wonderful day with many more to come. Darrell was my music teacher. Have a fun day you two.

Happy anniversary to Shorty and Melissa Crosby as they celebrate 17 years together. Many more to you.

A very happy anniversary to Carl and Geraldine Moore as they celebrate 62 years together on Aug. Happy birthday to James Beecroft on his special day Aug.

Happy birthday to a little gal who turns 1 year old on Aug. Have a fun day, Morgan. A very happy birthday to Christian Lawrence on Aug.

Happy birthday to Ryan Hanson on Aug. Happy 22nd anniversary to Don and Joanne Dahlstrom as they celebrate together with lots more to come.

Nathaniel Rawling, a very happy birthday to you as you celebrate your special day with lots more to come.

Happy birthday to my special sister, Betty Meister, on Aug. May you have a special day with many more to come. Happy birthday to Megan Pederson on her special day Aug.

Then it was on to cleaning and sanitizing the sheds with new turkeys coming shortly. I can almost taste those cinnamon sugar donuts.

Get out and get some good apples or homemade treats. Thursday afternoon, Penny Ladd brought out Rylee and Reyana with the two little girls staying overnight.

She came back on Friday and picked them up. Gosh, we had a great time together. I was picking over beans to can, and they dove right in and helped take the stems off.

Such little cute ragamuffins. Those big grasshopper combines went by in the night over to Ken and Donna Russels where they picked their beans.

It rained in the night, and they had to shut down for a while. It starts with a good day and more ambition.

I had a good weekend. Friday night we had rehearsal at Pilgrim Lutheran and the rehearsal party was at a pizza parlour. Lots and lots of pizza and salads.

My two grandsons, Jeremy White and Nick Pederson who were ushers, walked me down the aisle. The reception was held at the DECC for people with music and dancing and entertainment for the couple.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Solon Springs for a brunch and gift opening at the home of the Winners on St. Congratulations to you, Logan and Greta.

The Aderman family gave the 10 a. They all have talents to make it a good day. Congratulations to Billie and Darrell.

Antholz, Ernie Buhler as C. Tatsanna turned 19 years old. Tammy Moe made a cake with pickles on top as she is very fond of dill pickles.

Sandy had tests to see about getting a kidney transplant. She may be able to get a kidney from her daughters. Nothing is definite yet.

She only needs one kidney at this time. Please keep Bernard and Sandy in you special thoughts and prayers. What would you do for the U.

Bob visited with Greg Dorweiler also. Sunday, Bob visited with Gary and Sue Peterson. Kris has been very busy canning beans and tomatoes.

I had a nice surprise this Sunday. Yes, Tom and Lois Hodgson were up from Tomah and were very excited. Lois has now retired from teaching after 37 years, and her honey, Tom, retired a couple of years ago from teaching.

They sold their house and are moving to Bella Vista, Ark. They have had garage sales, and they will buy most of their furniture when they move.

They are both very happy. It looks like more coming this way. Over the weekend, Steve Hulleman got a new roof on his house.

Robin and her mother visited one day with Diane. Friday evening, Otto, his girlfriend and Otto Jr. Saturday found the Lawson family reunion at Shell Lake Park.

They got to watch the parade and later took in Crex Meadows. Have a great week! Arlys Santiago attended the service at Salem on Sunday where Pastor Carmie Aderman gave the sermon followed by a lot of singing, to a good crowd.

On Sunday afternoon, Arlys and ladies from Big Ripley had a golf tournament. Talking to Judy Bolterman, she said Mike was recuperating well but needs his rest.

It rained on Saturday at the reception with a double rainbow over the lake. That had to be good luck. John, Mary and Brian went to the fairgrounds for a picnic for fair show sale participants on Monday.

Thursday, Brian went to Glen Flora for a rock festival and celebrated his 18th birthday there. Have a good week.

Tonja said that one thing that was pretty unique and new to the auction was tomato jam. She bought a jar of the jam and said that it is delicious.

I wish that Duane and I could have gone to the reunion at the chapel but … We had a fantastic weekend in Madison. I hate to admit how old I really am, but we went to Madison to attend my 50th class reunion.

When the invitation first came — I think in April — I was very excited about going and seeing everyone again.

I had only been to one reunion, the 20th, so it had been quite a few years since I had talked to any of my classmates. Anyway, the closer the date came, the more uncertain I became about whether or not to go.

The closer the date came, the more nervous I became. However, we had already made reservations, so on Saturday morning, we drove down.

My son, Jim Marsh, had convinced us that we should take his car a Lexus convertible so we stopped at his house, spoiled our precious new grandson, Wrigley, a little bit, got the car and started our road trip.

We went to the Elks Club in Madison for dinner Saturday night, and when we walked in we felt completely welcome and at home.

Duane even found a retired farmer with whom he could talk about old tractors, milking pipelines, etc. There were people from all walks of life there — factory workers, postal workers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, musicians — I think Duane and I were the only.

Peterson and a committee of five — all volunteers — began by establishing a set of criteria. Each of the listees in the book submitted written descriptions of their studios, galleries, farms, museums, and other arts, agricultures or culture-related businesses.

Committee members visited each site, providing feedback about their experiences. Others collected and worked with submitted images or took photographs themselves.

There is no commercial advertising in the book. Noon to 8 p. In , and , WNHP published and distributed more than , maps listing handmade, homegrown and heritage sites.

Book launches are planned in each of the 13 counties in the coming months. For additional information, call , or e-mail winhp centurytel.

Pat said that it was very nice to see all her former classmates. She said they had good food and a good time. On Sunday, Pat and Doug were among a group of classmates who attended a memorial for Karen Swan Miess, a classmate who had passed away.

Pat said it was very nice. Everyone had a very enjoyable time. Sounds like they had a very nice 55th reunion. He went to Whitetail Ridge Campground a couple of weeks ago to pick it up and was able to hear her husband, Rob, play.

He enjoys listening to Rob so much that he said he hopes we can hire him for the Color Fest in September.

I told Terry to give a member of the civic club a call and suggest that. We have had Rob there before, and it seemed that everyone enjoyed dancing to and listening to his music.

I sure hope I see you at the rutabaga festival. We all feel the same commitment to care for our families. Helping you meet your insurance needs is part of my commitment to you.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. On Sunday, we went on a dinner cruise around Lake Monona. We probably have the prettiest state capital in the United States.

We had a great time that day too, renewed old friendships and promised to keep in touch by e-mail. OK, I have to admit the convertible was a lot more fun.

Anyway, we got there with no problems, several classmates saw us drive in, we spent the evening at the Elks and when we came back out, it was dark.

I should have looked at the key while we were still in the Elks Club so I would have known where the unlock button was. I am still laughing about that.

Pat and Doug Sweet had a very busy week. It was a great family get-together, and they all had a very nice time. Barronett Lutheran is getting an indoor remodeling.

So, the council members voted, and it was decided that we should have the walls repaired and painted, the carpeting except that by the altar taken up and replaced and the wood floors sanded and refinished.

All the pews had to be removed so the work could be done, and Rick Stetler and Merl Overvig took them out and put them in a storage pod on Friday. The carpeting in the entryway, down the stairs and in the aisle was taken up.

Dorothy Orth, Geri Pittman and Pastor Todd carried things needed for worship service to the basement and the service was held there Sunday morning.

It will be in the basement again next Sunday, but we are hoping to have everything done by the following Sunday so that we can have service in the sanctuary again.

After the service on Sunday, quite a few of the congregation pitched in to help get everything off the walls. We love our church.

We especially want to thank our council president, Leroy Orth, for all the work and phone calls that it took to get everything organized.

Come and join us for worship in a couple of weeks so you can see how nice everything looks. The Cumberland Rutabaga Fest is finally here.

The stuff on the midway is OK, mind you, but the stuff that the local church groups and clubs make is fantastic.

Why waste your appetite on greasy little mini donuts when you can have homemade pie, french fries, hot pepper sandwiches, etc. The parade on Sunday is always one of the very best in the area.

Hope I see you there. I talked to Tonja Metnik on Monday and she said that the friends, family and neighbors reunion at Wiesner Community Chapel, which was held on Sunday, was a lot of fun.

She thought that there were about 50 people there. There was a ton of food and the white elephant auction was the highlight of the day. Most people bring something to auction off and there was a huge selection of things to bid on.

The geese have molted and have new wings now and are flying around. There must have been a couple of hundred sitting out in our hay field several times.

Goldfinches are busy on the milkweeds and at the finch feeder. They nest now and use the milkweed down to line the nests. Lots of hummers competing with the bees at the nectar.

Mary Krantz came and visited me one day and we enjoyed sitting on the deck just watching them. Gloria and Anton Frey have been watching cedar waxwings eating berries in their black-cherry tree.

We are so blessed to live here in Wisconsin. It is so quiet and peaceful. But there are lots of bears around. He was a pretty excited kid.

His brother, Andy, had caught fish and had supper ready for them when they got home. It was their first time with just their class, as it was usually held along with other classes.

Carmella and Virginia are cousins of Elizabeth. Belated wishes to her. Condolences go out to the Ken Organ family. Ken passed away Sunday at the age of 78 at TLC.

He was a kind, likeable man, and spent a lifetime of hard work in cranberry marshes in Warrens and Minong area before becoming ill and has been residing in TLC.

He is from Inver Grove Heights, Minn. It rained in the evening but they reported a fun time. There were not only class members, but also other friends from other classes.

The party also was a housewarming for Kyle and Sara as it was held at their new home in rural Cumberland. Randy and family stayed for the weekend at the home of Jake and Holly Mangelsen.

Karen, Hank and other family members visited them there on Saturday. About 45 people attended the Doran reunion at the Siren Park on Saturday.

Ethan and Dylan Longhenry visited there Sunday night. Congratulations to Mary and John Dunn on their 69th wedding anniversary, which was Aug.

They helped Don celebrate his birthday. Around 50 people enjoyed the day. Lea and Nate were also there. Mavis took cucumbers to her.

Gardens are really producing so the gals are busy preserving beets, cukes and corn. Farmers markets are busy selling all that fresh produce.

School is in the air with some already heading back to college. Bowling meetings are being held. Time is sure flying. Ceremonies will begin Saturday, Aug.

Folks have been very busy getting it all shaped up, so be sure and come see the changes and simple reminiscing with neighbors and friends.

Sunday worship service will be at 9 a. There will be books for sale covering the past years, CDs by organist Jean Henntach, and signed and framed pictures by Bill Hrudka.

Hope to see you there. Joe and Debbie Elbe had steppingstones made, one for each side of the steps with church pictures.

One of the church in and one in Mavis Schlapper and Elaine Ryan are here drinking coffee so it is time to fax this so I can join in the conversation.

Students on the list all achieved a grade-point average of 3. Mikula, College of Biological Sciences; Spooner: Vik, College of Liberal Arts.

Sunday, August 28, , Open House from 1 - 4 p. September 28, , at Dated this 28th day of July, Any information obtained will be used for the purpose.

Williams, Hayward, Igor B. Orshansky, Seattle, and Nicole A. Peterson, and Jessica L. Jerome, Town of Garrett C. Janzen, Plymouth, Seattle, Wash.

Madge, and Stacy A. Winstrom, 60, At 7: Ray, 23, Spooner, hit a deer at the intersec- Kenosha, hit a deer at 8: Radloff, 63, Michael S.

No inApplication and Deadline for at 8: Verfaillie stated he went into Saturday, Aug. An application for informal ditch, at which time the vehicle nong when he struck a deer at 3: The deer had broken legs and 2.

Ver- was unable to exit the roadway and had to be put down. No other indate of death July 3, , was faillie suffered injuries and was juries were reported, and the vehidomiciled in Washburn County, transported by ambulance to Shell State of Wisconsin, with a mail- Lake emergency room.

The vehicle cle had no reportable damage. Benson, Probate Registrar, on Sept. You do not need to appear unless you object.

The application may be granted if there is no objection. This publication is notice to any persons whose names or address are unknown. If you require reasonable accommodations due to a disability to participate in the court process, please call at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled court date.

Please note that the court does not provide transportation. Jeffrey and Tamra Novak, Hayward, Wisconsin. A variance to have a road setback reduction of 50 feet to the centerline of Beaver Lake Road normally 75 feet from the centerline or 50 feet from the right of way, whichever is greater to build a small storage shed.

Joe and Stacy Sniezewski, Trego, Wisconsin. A request to have a variance for a mobile home manufactured before June 15, , pursuant to Sec.

William and Jane Lee, Avon, Indiana. A variance for a road setback reduction: Lot 9, Section Interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard.

If you need assistance please call Lynn Hoeppner at , prior to the meeting. A public hearing will be held on this matter Tuesday, August 30, , at 5 p.

Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 7: Alderperson Bitney was absent. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Eiche moved, seconded by Pederson, to approve the July 11, , regular meeting minutes. Harold Emanuel questioned how much dock rental income has been taken in to date.

Mayor Peterson referred this matter to the Executive Committee. A sketch and picture showing the type of sign and dimensions were reviewed.

Leckel moved, seconded by Graf, to approve the placement of an honor board at the Butterfly Habitat. Concerns were expressed about adding to the number of signs, structures, etc.

A roll call vote was taken: Clint Stariha reported on Police Department and zoning activities. Concerns about kids causing damage to the new swimming raft and other safety concerns pertaining to the raft were expressed.

Mayor Peterson referred this matter to the Parks and Recreation Committee. Alderperson Pederson reported on the July 20, , board meeting and library activities.

It was noted there appears to be a lot of beach clearing and filling both below and above the ordinary high-water mark OHWM on Shell Lake.

Barnes-Haesemeyer moved, seconded by Baker, to direct the Mayor to send a letter addressed to St. The August 1, , commission meeting minutes were reviewed.

It was noted the commission is working on the short-term lake home rental matter. Graf moved, seconded by Leckel, to concur with the appointment.

The July 21, , committee meeting minutes were reviewed. The August 2, , committee meeting minutes were reviewed. It was reported the committee recommends the City Council grant a 5.

A discussion was held on local and regional economic conditions, and it was suggested that negotiations with city employees pertaining to wages and benefits commence prior to budget deliberations.

Leckel moved, seconded by Graf, to grant a 5. The August 3, , committee meeting minutes were reviewed. It was reported the committee recommends the City Council approve the following.

Barnes-Haesemeyer moved, seconded by Baker, to approve the seal-coat project as presented. The August 8, , committee meeting minutes were reviewed.

Graf moved, seconded by Barnes-Haesemeyer, to approve vouchers The Budget Status Report was reviewed. The July 27, , committee meeting minutes were reviewed.

It is proposed that a cement slab be poured for each bench. A plan indicating the location of the proposed benches was presented.

Barnes-Haesemeyer moved, seconded by Shelton, to approve the placement of three benches in the areas designated at the park. The motion carried 4-yes 3-no.

A proposal from MSA for professional services, for design and permitting of a proposed utility upgrade at the municipal campground to include electrical, water and sewer services, was reviewed.

Jeff Parker reported Xcel Energy is installing a larger transformer at the campground. Mayor Peterson referred the engineering proposal to the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Resolution establishing wards in accordance with Section 5. Eiche moved, seconded by Barnes-Haesemeyer, to adopt Resolution The motion carried 6-yes, 1-no.

Eiche moved, seconded by BarnesHaesemeyer, to ratify the appointments. Eiche moved, seconded by Barnes-Haesemeyer, to adjourn at 9: I hereby certify that this is a true copy of Resolution passed by the City Council of the City of Shell Lake, on the 8th day of August, Organ, 78, of Shell Lake, died Sunday, Aug.

He was born Sept. Ken was married in Warrens on June 14, , to Gwendolyn Johnson. Ken worked in his younger years at the cranberry marshes in the Warrens area.

They raised their family in Minong, during which time he worked at the cranberry marshes near Minong. They returned to Tomah and Ken managed the marshes there.

In , they moved to Spooner and made Shell Lake their home in He enjoyed fishing, deer and turkey hunting, spending time with all the little ones, and watching the Atlanta Braves and the Packers.

Ken was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He loved traveling to the American West, Canada and Florida. Ken was preceded in death by his parents, one daughter, Danielle, and two grandchildren, Nathan Organ and Ashley Wisner.

Memorial services will be held at 11 a. Burial of cremains will be in Shell Lake Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 5 to 7 p.

Special low-cost boat storage. Other books by Hubin also available. Box , Shell Lake, WI or e-mail wcregister centurytel. Dennis Fogelberg, 56, of La Salle, Minn.

Funeral services were held Tuesday, Aug. Dennis died peacefully on Aug. Dennis also enjoyed hunting, fishing and golfing with family and friends.

Dennis is survived by his wife,. The Sturm Funeral Home in St. You may send the family condolences at www. Meyer, age 81, a resident of Rice Lake and formerly of Spooner, died Aug.

Pat married Earl Meyer on Feb. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Spooner. Pat is survived by her sons Earl Jr.

A time of gathering will be held Sunday, Aug. Online condolences can be made at www. Cowboy beans, baby carrots, fruit cocktail, cottage cheese, cinnamon scone, butter, milk, coffee.

Roasted turkey, gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, apple grape dessert, bread, butter, milk, coffee. Cheesy potato corn chowder, crackers, chicken salad sandwich, cranberry juice, frozen cherry fool, milk, coffee.

Pork chop smothered in sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, butter, spiced apple ring, peach pie, bread, butter, beverage. Oven-baked chicken, baked beans, creamy cucumbers, diced watermelon, bread, butter, milk, coffee.

Meal reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Two-year-old colonies of blackeyed-Susan are diminishing.

Could it be it was too rainy for them? Most perennials live two to three years. Often other native species live for years. Mexican butterfly weed volunteers planted in acted as an annual plant and did not reproduce in Two flats of this species were started by Yellow River Garden in Spooner.

Obviously the species could not survive northern winters. Another species of butterfly weed with orange flowers is blooming nicely and increasing into a larger colony.

We hope to add more of this species in Common milkweed took an average of four years to germinate and multiply.

Perennials grow downward first before growing above ground. Yellow coreopsis is starting to bloom for the first time in four years. They traveled from St.

Tyler is interested in nature and has studied other insects before becoming acquainted. Fortunately he was able to see a monarch caterpillar on a milkweed plant.

The caterpillar appeared to be in its last stage before pupating. The youngster enjoyed seeing crickets jump up from the path and land on native grasses as he led us through part of the habitat.

The group saw some adult monarchs and white cabbage butterflies.

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